Is Your Marriage In Trouble? Is Divorce Right For You?

There are many people who put off filing for divorce because they are intimidated by the divorce process. They are concerned about the stress and emotions that accompany most divorces. There are ways for individuals to reduce the challenging experiences that they may encounter when going through the process, but they need to be sure that they work with a divorce attorney who knows how to inform them about what may happen in their case.

At The Law Offices of David T. Garnes, LLC, we represent clients going through these difficult times. Our founding attorney, David T. Garnes, is licensed in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania. He is committed to helping you find solutions to your outstanding problems.

Experienced Assistance With All Stages Of Your Divorce

When you work with our firm, we make sure that you are comfortable throughout the process. Before we proceed, we explain the divorce law to you. We want you to know how the law will impact and apply to your case so that you know what to expect as things move forward.

We sit down with each client to learn about their specific concerns. Our lawyer will work with you to create the strategy that allows you to protect the things that are most important to you. We have helped many families struggling with divorce, and we are focused on resolving issues that include:

  • The division of marital property belonging to the couple, including any retirement accounts or other major assets that the couple may have accumulated during the marriage
  • The division of debts or other liabilities of the couple
  • The determination of child custody and parenting time plans
  • Calculating child or spousal support
  • The modification of support and custody orders

You can count on us to protect your best interests during your divorce. David is a skilled trial lawyer and he knows how to present your case to the court. Our entire legal team is committed to working side-by-side with you throughout the entire process.

A Trusted Advocate For You And Your Family

Contact our knowledgeable attorney by calling our Cherry Hill office at 856-324-4593 or by sending us an email. Se habla español. Evening and weekend appointments are available, and flexible payment plans are also offered.