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Relocation can become an issue for child visitation

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2018 | Relocation | 0 comments

When parents decide to separate and ultimately to divorce in New Jersey the logistics of child care become paramount. The logistics can involve child support and custody, visitation and even transportation. Who will transport children to and from visitation sounds like it could be a straightforward conversation. Even if the parents agree to an arrangement that is spelled out in the final decree, relocation of one parent can have unforeseen ramifications on prior agreements.

In one such case, both parties lived in New Jersey at the time of their divorce, and the noncustodial parent agreed to do all of the transportation for visits. The custodial parent later relocated to New York City and the issue of transportation was again taken up in the court as the parents could not agree. The custodial parent ultimately agreed to return to New Jersey, and a compromise was reached where the parties finally agreed to share transportation responsibilities.

When negotiating child care responsibilities prior to a divorce it can be difficult to predict all of the eventualities that may occur to require a change to an agreement. If parents can work together to resolve differences that may arise, that is easiest on both them and their children. However, if parents can’t arrive at an agreement the court may have to step in.

A person in New Jersey who is faced with a relocation that may complicate parental visitation may want to consult with an experienced family law attorney. A lawyer can look at the family circumstances and can advise the client on an optimal solution to what may appear to be a complex problem. The best interest of the child should always come first and consulting with an attorney may facilitate that outcome.


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