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Successful co-parenting can follow a divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 31, 2018 | Divorce | 0 comments

Ending a marriage is seldom easy and can be particularly difficult when children are involved. One of the more challenging issues to resolve can be that of parenting roles following a divorce in New Jersey. Parents may wish to both be an active part of their children’s lives but may have difficulty seeing the possibility of that because of differences with a partner. Co-parenting is becoming a popular option, and while celebrities do not often serve as role models, there are some who are modeling co-parenting methods that others can aspire to.

Channing Tatum, a popular actor, and his wife recently split. They have a five year-old daughter together and agreed to co-parent so that they could both remain actively involved in her life. They are facing the challenge realistically and are showing by example that it can be done.

When asked about the situation, they stated they were just getting used to it, thereby acknowledging that it’s not easy but that working at it is worth it for the benefit of their daughter. While one may desire to never see the other person again, this is not realistic if there’s a child and both parents wish to remain involved. School events, proms, graduations, weddings may require parents to be in the same room and to be cordial to each other. Remembering that this is for the benefit of one’s child may make it easier.

During a divorce in New Jersey when there are children involved, a person should consult with an experienced family lawyer. A knowledgeable family attorney can review the family situation and may be able to assist with negotiating the parental situation following a divorce. Being able to resolve parenting issues outside of a court room may ultimately benefit the entire family.


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