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Job loss can complicate a divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2019 | Divorce | 0 comments

Contemplating the dissolution of a marriage is one of the most stressful tasks people can take on. One enters a marriage in New Jersey thinking it’s forever, and when it’s not, the stress and emotional toll can be overwhelming. If children are involved a divorce can become even more complicated as one struggles to figure out the financial arrangements regarding child support and spousal support.

Other wrenches can get thrown into the mix. One of the most devastating might be the loss of a job. How a court will look at a job loss can be determined by the nature of it. If one loses a job because of a massive reorganization or layoff that affected many people, the court will most likely take this into consideration.

If the spouse earning more loses a job the court may make allowances for that when considering spousal and child support. The court might rule that the spouse will owe a certain percentage of income once the person is re-employed. If the lower-earning spouse loses a job through no fault of his or her own, the court may look for a higher level of support until the spouse is re-employed.

Divorce is hard and is even more difficult when employment uncertainty enters the picture. The court’s primary concern is with the well-being of minor children and the ability for them to continue the lifestyle they enjoyed prior to the divorce. A person facing a divorce and a job loss in New Jersey can consult with an experienced family law attorney. A lawyer will review the situation and help pursue a comprehensive and fair settlement.


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