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Fathers will want to keep these things in mind if they divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2019 | Child Custody, Divorce, Parenting Plans/Coparenting

Navigating divorce in New Jersey or any other state is never easy, especially if you happen to be a father and your spouse is intent on causing as many problems as possible regarding child custody, visitation, child support and property division. The good news is that the days are gone when people logically assumed that children fare best in the sole custody of their mothers after divorce. Divorcing your spouse doesn’t mean you wish to abdicate your role or responsibilities as a parent.

As a concerned parent, you might find it helpful to talk to friends or family members who have been through similar experiences. Sage advice from trusted loved ones and confidants can often mean the difference between getting through a divorce with minimum stress or becoming entangled in a highly contentious court battle.

Things to do and not do

Your situation is unique according to its own circumstances, but the following list includes ideas that may be applicable and can help you protect your interests in divorce or child custody proceedings:

  • Perhaps one of the most key factors toward obtaining a fair and agreeable settlement is to make sure you understand your rights ahead of time and know how to protect them.
  • Even if you are the one who filed for divorce, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to leave your home if a judge has not ordered you to do so.
  • Like all good parents in New Jersey and beyond, you want what is best for your kids. Chances are they will be better able to cope if you avoid speaking negatively about their other parent.
  • If you do move out of your current family home, it does not mean you can’t see or talk to your children. In fact, if you plan to seek custody, it is essential that you can show the court that you play an active role in their lives.
  • It is always best to obtain a court order regarding child support or any type of exchange of monies in connection with your children’s needs. Paying money or accepting money to provide for them without a court order can definitely lead to legal trouble.
  • Being as prepared as possible for court, showing up to court appointments on time, and being willing to cooperate and compromise for the sake of your children are actions that will likely help you accomplish your goals with as little stress as possible.

What if your spouse is hiding assets? What if you already have a court order in place for a co-parenting plan but your ex repeatedly disregards it? Has your co-parent tried to turn your kids against you? Have you taken a paternity test to prove that you are the biological father of your children?

Legal obstacles can delay settlement

These are all issues that may create obstacles in your path as you seek a favorable outcome in custody, visitation, support or property division proceedings. If you and your ex are locked in a court battle, it can take weeks or months (or longer) to resolve your problems. Most New Jersey parents choose to rely on experienced legal representation because they understand that having an attorney by their side is the best means for obtaining a swift and fair solution to divorce-related problems in court.