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Tips for coping with a divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2020 | Divorce | 0 comments

New Jersey and Pennsylvania residents who are just embarking on a divorce should consider getting assistance from locally licensed professionals, like therapists and family law attorneys, to help them navigate certain aspects of the divorce. It is also important for someone going through a separation to have a strong personal support network and to see friends and family outside of work. Though some people may want to throw themselves into their work during a breakup, this will only work as a temporary escape.

At the other extreme, if someone is struggling to perform certain high-pressure tasks at work, it is worth seeing if those tasks can be transferred to a coworker, at least, temporarily. If a person feels comfortable doing so, it may be a good idea to let the boss know if he or she is going through a divorce, so that the boss knows what to expect.

There is no problem having a close work friend, but people should avoid discussing the details of their divorce while at work. Talking about relationships at work is not conducive to a healthy work environment and will make it even more challenging to drag oneself to the office every day. If someone really feels that he or she needs to take a personal day, it is worth taking one if it can be done.

Though these tips may be helpful to people going through a divorce, individuals should not feel obligated to do something that does not seem right for them or to follow any one person’s advice. Individuals should recover from a divorce at their own pace and try to get to a place where they can forgive themselves for anything that went wrong. Having a family law attorney help with the legalities of a divorce can, sometimes, help people distance themselves from the negative emotions associated with divorce.


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