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Get organized before visiting the family law attorney

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2020 | Divorce | 0 comments

Preparation is critical in a New Jersey divorce from the beginning of the case. While organization cannot necessarily convince the other side to settle, it does allow one spouse to formulate a strategy earlier. This can help alleviate some of the stress of the divorce and allow a person to feel as if they have some control.

One of the initial chances to organize comes when a person goes to see their divorce attorney for the very first time. Chances are that the lawyer will start by asking many questions about the assets over which the two spouses will be negotiating. One way to save time is to have all of the documents about these accounts ready for the lawyer.

Initially, the lawyer will need to know how much each spouse earns. The lawyer will want tax returns and pay stubs. If possible, it is best to provide this information for both spouses. The lawyer will also want bank statements and documentation from investment and retirement accounts. If the two spouses have debts or own other assets, the lawyer will want to see the relevant documents. This can also help educate the lawyer so that they know to be on the lookout in the divorce negotiations if one spouse is trying to hide assets. One way to easily share documents with the attorney is to upload them to the cloud.

In general, hiring an attorney may help a spouse ease some of the stress and emotional burden of the divorce. Many people are every bit as scared of the process as they are of the actual separation from their spouse. The attorney might help by educating their client and getting them organized so that they can be ready to start negotiating and bring this chapter of their life to a close.


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