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4 methods to help you stay current on your child support

On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2021 | Child Support

It may be your sincere intention to keep up with child support payments after a Pennsylvania divorce. However, it can be tricky to come up with a strategy to do so as well as meeting your other financial obligations. 

These four steps could reduce the risk of you falling behind and depriving your child of the support they need:

1. Adjust your current budget

Look at your current budget and consider what changes can be made. Any outgoings that you feel are excessive or unnecessary could be modified to relieve some financial pressure. Being more economical with your income could assist you in making child support payments. 

2. Document every payment

Set up child support payments in a way that makes it easy for both you and your former spouse to access receipts. This will go a long way to prevent any future confusion or disputes. Often, the preferred method is by bank transfer, but any form of payment that records the time and date of the transaction should suffice. 

3. Talk to your ex-spouse

Your co-parent can’t relieve you of your child support obligation, but having their understanding can prevent you from ending up in court over the issue. Explain the situation in plenty of time for your ex-spouse to adjust their budget.

4. Ask for a payment reduction

Paying an amount that you can afford is better than contributing nothing at all, but the smartest move you can make is to ask the court to modify your payments. Unless your financial problems are temporary, the court may be willing to lower your obligation.

When you have difficulties with your child support payments, a proactive approach is always better.