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Divorcing dads need to remember these tips

On Behalf of | Dec 15, 2021 | Parenting Plans/Coparenting

When you’re divorcing and are a father, you may be concerned that the court won’t rule in your favor. In the past, women may have been more likely to get custody of their kids, but that’s not really how things are now.

You have an opportunity to seek joint custody, primary custody or sole custody in some cases. You’re an equal parent to your children, so you should be able to see them and be in their lives regularly.

What can you do to give yourself the best chance of getting the custody schedule you want? Here are three tips.

  1. Be on your best behavior

Yes, it is possible that your spouse will do things that make you want to lash out or post a rant about them online, but it’s really better if you don’t. If there has ever been a time to turn the other cheek and let your attorney handle issues between you and your spouse, this is it. You don’t want to give your spouse any ammunition to use against you in court to suggest that you may be unstable, angry or hurtful.

  1. Get to know everything about your kids

You may already think you know all there is to know about your children, but if you were working full time while your spouse was at home, you may have some studying to do. Talk to your kids’ teachers, ask about their friends and start building connections if you don’t have them. Then, if a judge needs to know if you know your child’s medical provider or educator, you can say, “yes.”

  1. Be reasonable and ready to negotiate

Judges like to see that parents are willing to work together. Do your best to be reasonable and respectful when you interact. Be ready to negotiate a custody schedule and have your own prepared for meetings or court dates. If you’re prepared, then you’re going to be in a better position when it comes to court.

These are a few tips for divorcing dads to remember. Be respectful, reasonable, ready to negotiate and familiar with your children’s lives, so you have the best chance of getting the custody schedule you want.