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2 reasons why couples therapy doesn’t always work

On Behalf of | Jun 16, 2022 | Divorce

Issues in a marriage can slowly build up. Often, when couples first start to notice the issues, they seek marriage counseling. It can take months or even years before couples therapy begins to show any signs of breaking the ice. 

People are frequently sold on the idea that couples therapy will fix all their marital issues quickly. Some issues in marriage can persist after counseling, while others issues may never be truly solved. Here’s why couples therapy may not be the solution to your marital woes:

The therapist picked a side

Couples therapists can help dysfunctional couples learn to rebuild their marriage. This can mean teaching each other how to communicate without arguing. They may interpret issues in your marriage to better explain how to solve them. 

Some therapists subscribe to philosophies that make one spouse look like the main aggressor in a marriage. This could mean creating a false narrative that makes you the villain in your relationship. This can further break apart your marriage to a state of unrepair. 

Your spouse wasn’t actually looking to fix your marriage

Marriage counseling requires the effort of both you and your spouse to help fix your marriage. Some therapists will give exercises to help work on your marriage outside of sessions. This can be a way to learn how to work with your spouse and not constantly fight.

You may find yourself doing everything to try and fix your marriage without any help from your spouse. This may be because your spouse doesn’t wish to fix your marriage. They may have been ready to leave your marriage and have been riding it out till the bitter end. 

If you find nothing is working to fix your marriage then it might be best to consider your next steps. Planning for divorce with the help of sound legal guidance can put in motion a new happier, healthier life.