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Divorce process begins with filing a divorce petition

On Behalf of | Apr 16, 2020 | Divorce

The process of getting divorced can no doubt be challenging from a financial and emotional perspective. However, it can be just as complicated from a legal standpoint, starting with the filing of the petition. Here is a rundown on how to approach a divorce petition during the divorce process in New Jersey.

All individuals who are interested in getting divorced must start the process by completing divorce petitions. They must file these petitions in their county courts in the states in which they reside. However, an attorney can help with filling out this paperwork.

One part of the divorce petition addresses the grounds for getting a divorce. Even if neither party is necessarily at fault for the divorce, the petitioner can acknowledge that irreconcilable differences led to the breakdown of the marriage, for example. In addition, the petition must include information about the two spouses’ shared assets. These may include household items, houses and cars, for example.

Once the divorce petition has been filled out, the other spouse is to be served the petition. At that time, the other party needs to respond formally to it. If this party fails to do this, the petitioner will be granted everything that he or she has requested in his or her petition.

In addition to assisting in the divorce petition process, an attorney in New Jersey can help individuals who are getting divorced to address divorce matters like property division. The attorney may additionally provide guidance in the areas of alimony, for instance. The attorney’s chief goal during a divorce proceeding is to protect the rights of his or her client during each stage of the family law proceeding.