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Providing Solutions For Grandparents’ Custody Concerns

Some parents experience significant challenges in life, which prevent them from being able to complete their parental responsibilities. In many cases, the grandparents will step in and raise the child. In some situations, the parents may try to restrict or limit the time that the grandparents will be able to spend with the child, and it could lead to serious child custody disputes.

At the Law Offices of David T. Garnes, LLC, we have extensive experience handling grandparents’ rights cases. Our founding attorney, David T. Garnes, has been working exclusively in family law matters for more than 20 years. David is licensed in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and can help you with all aspects of a grandparents’ rights custody case.

Do you have questions about child custody laws? Call our assertive attorney at 856-324-4593 to secure experienced counsel.

How Can We Help Your Case?

Not every grandparent will be entitled to receive custody or visitation time with the child. Each grandparents’ rights case will require a comprehensive review of your family’s specific situation to learn more about the relationship between the grandparents and the child.

We have helped both grandparents and parents in custody and visitation cases concerning matters such as:

  • The death of one of the parents
  • The inability of parents to provide or care for the child due to issues related to the abuse of alcohol or drugs
  • Temporary custody or visitation while a parent is incarcerated

We will explain the law that applies in your case, and help you understand what may happen in your case. Our lawyer will work directly with you to establish a strategy that matches your needs, and help you learn more about your opportunities for success.

These cases are extremely emotional, and the parties may not be able to come to any agreement prior to trial. We have extensive courtroom experience, and will be able to present a strong case for you in front of the judge. We know how important this is to you, and we will be there for you throughout your case.

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To learn more about grandparents’ rights, contact our experienced child custody attorney by calling our Cherry Hill office at 856-324-4593 or by sending us an email. Se habla español. Evening and weekend appointments are available, and flexible payment plans are also offered.